is an algorithm based on wikipedia and use embeddable videos from youtube,rely on their api´s to get a peace of reality.

YouTube_logo_standard_white wikipedia & 100% personal-feedback-free

all engines are controlled by a word and the the language:

  • Entertainment
    composition in a semantic broken triad
  • WikiText
    link parsed wikipedia article.
  • Multikulti
    create a clipstream from over the world
  • AssoN
    using hebs-roule, starting by the word, collect the clips and words,
    • plus: cluster to the word
    • minus: move away from word
a player:
  • nor
  • exp: multiple
  • frak: slow, multiple
hot tip: use a commercial-blocker


  • video on youtube
  • fullscreen
  • playlist
  • refresh

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dominik eggermann

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